Saturday, August 28, 2010

Michael Brown is Worried About His Obit.

Michael Brown, ex FEMA Director and "Fashion God" (from his infamous email to his staff during the nightmare early days of Katrina) who in my opinion rivals Tony Heyward of BP's narcissism which is highlighted in his comment of wanting his life back, is going to be in New Orleans for the five year anniversary of Katrina.

Oh joy. What the heck did we do to deserve this?

Is Mike here to help build houses? No. Is he here to acknowledge his mistakes? No. He's here to "set the record straight" and try to mitigate the lousy look his "legacy" is getting from history. "Brownie" is still as self adoring as ever. He's also casting shade at everyone else he was involved with during the disaster. Brownie says Chertoff (Homeland Security Director and Brownie's boss) didn't know what he was doing and the Bush administration didn't understand how bad things were in New Orleans. Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I am not objective when it comes to this man. Can you tell? Chertoff says Brownie is bitter. "Do I look bitter?" Brownie asks through teeth clenched tight. Perhaps not. But I do when I'm talking about Michael Brown.

David Paulison, the Fire Fighter with 30 years experience who took the place of Michael "peacock" Brown, said on Today that part of the problem with FEMA back then was they had no way of tracking where they sent rescued evacuees. Thank you Mr. Paulison. Cue Hurricane Boy. That's what happened to all those lost kids. They got sent all over the place and no one knew where they'd gone. Parents couldn't find them. Because we also didn't know where the parents went.

Here's Chertoff welcoming Paulison into the dysfunctional FEMA family. Apparently Paulison is okay with his obit. And he should be.


  1. Which is another reason HB is an important story--so that gonevnment breakdown is exposed, and hopefully such a thing will never again occur.