Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gnomie and Guilbeau Salute Katrina's Five Years

Gnomie is from W. Virginia. He was brought here by a small, stubborn, fictional child who got lost in Katrina and made it home with his brothers and sister. (Hurricane Boy's Algie). Gnomie LOVES New Orleans and is thrilled to call it home.

He met Guilbeau in an overflow pond off I-10. Guilbeau also loves New Orleans. Together they explore the city. Today they're going to see friends at Audubon. They're going to help repaint the Endangered Species Carousel. Okay, Gnomie's going to paint. Guilbeau will be opening the paint cans. 


  1. I hope Guilbeau isn't hungry. Endangered species have enough problems!

  2. He's promised to keep his non-vegan meals to the swamp. But hey, Guilbeau is a proven liar. Who knows?