Sunday, August 29, 2010

Writer's Track at Dragon Con


Going to the Writer's Track of Dragon-Con next week with Julie Gonzalez. Been there, Done that, Doing that again. I can't wait. For those of you who wonder if it's worth the time: All day Friday through 4pm Monday, here's what they're gonna be doing.


Develop a Story in an Hour
This workshop is designed to help aspiring writers learn techniques to make the “brainstorming” process of writing more efficient. G. Hayes, N. Knight; Fri 10:00 am; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong

Trends in Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Fiction
This panel will discuss the very fluid paranormal/urban fantasy fiction market. C. Burke, C. L. Wilson, J. St. Giles, D. Gabaldon, L. Gresh, D. Knight; Fri 11:30am; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Developing a special language
This workshop will address developing a language for a race of characters in your fiction, conducted by Linguistics expert Bill Shillito. Fri 1:00 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

To Tell the Truth
For the non-fiction writer. Blogs, articles and books about the speculative fiction markets, including books, short stories, movies and television. Dr. B. Blackwood, J. Flynn, A. Martin, J. Ward, R. Guiley, J. Ouellette; Fri 2:30 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

How to Increase Your Writing Productivity
Need more time to write? Let these pros tell you how to eke out more quality time... Managing your resources. K. Anderson, N. Knight, R. Moesta; Fri 4:00pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

It’s All In the Game
This panel will discuss how to break into and be successful in the burgeoning gaming market. B. Bridges, J. Bridges, B. Fawcett, B. Green, M. Lee, J. Chambers, V. Belmont, M. Capps; Fri 5:30 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Young Adult Fiction that WOWS Readers
Come and learn strategies that guarantee highly readable young adult fiction. D. Dixon, G. Summers, K. Hinds, M. West, K. Duey, H. Brewer; Fri 7:00 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Building a Realistic World for Your Fiction
What makes a fiction world more interesting? More edgy? More saleable? The pros discuss worldbuilding for all genres. J. Nye, G. Raisor, J. Sherman, L. Underwood, L. Martindale, S. Butcher; Fri 8:30 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Writing and Marketing Same Sex Fiction
This panel explores the craft and marketing of same sex fiction. S. Rosen, L. Martindale, D. Gerrold; Fri 10:00 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]


Turning Stellar Rejections into Sales
According to the rejection letter, your book just misses being bought. What can you do to turn a rejection into a sale? P.David, L. Abbey, C. Golden, J. Sherman, J. Ward, A. Sowards, L. Martindale; Sat 10:00 am; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

What Editors Want
In an ever-changing market, don’t puzzle about what editors want. Let these editing pros tell you. B. Fawcett, A. Sowards, C. Eddy, S. Hague-Hill, L. Anders, K.Hughes, B. Mitchell, J. Minz; Sat 11:30 am; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Goal, Motivation and Conflict
This popular workshop is designed to show writers how to plot using the proven Goal, Motivation and Conflict method, based on Debra Dixon’s book. D. Dixon, N. Knight; Sat 1:00 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]; 2.5 Hr(s)

Critique Groups v. Beta Readers
Is there a place for both? Which is the most effective? What do you look for in each? J. Ringo, C. Burke, S. Chastain, J. Oliver, G. Summers, C. L. Wilson, L.Gilman; Sat 2:30 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Fightin’ and Writin’
Having a problem with a sword fight? Or a battle scene? Join these pros who are experts in the field. G. Hayes, S. Musashi, L. Underwood, N. Harsch, M. Sakuta; Sat 5:30 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Steampunk Anyone?
Steampunk is gaining readers everyday. Let the experts tell you how to write and market it. G. Hayes, J. Oliver; Sat 7:00pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Pros Discuss Plot Development
These pros discuss methods of developing unpredictable, but believable plots. C.Burke, J. Moore, J. Sherman, J. Maberry, D. Gabaldon, L. Gresh; Sat 8:30 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

101 Fascinating Ways to Kill Off a Character
Fascinating (and often humorous) ways to dispose of characters. G. Hayes, J. Wurts, M. Resnick, G. Martin, L. Gresh, S. Smith; Sat 10:00 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]


Things I Wish Some Pro had Told Me When I Started
Join Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta as they cover some of the basic questions beginning writers always ask and/or need to know. K. Anderson, N. Knight, R. Moesta; Sun 10:00 am; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]; 2.5 Hr(s)

NYT Bestsellers Tell All
Here’s how to help boost your book to the NYT Bestsellers list. The panelists are all bestselling authors. S. Kenyon, K. Anderson, J. Butcher, L. Hamilton, N. Knight, J. Maberry, A. J. Hartley; Sun 1:00 pm; Cent. II-III [H]

Developing Characters Readers Never Forget
This panel will discuss strategies for developing characters that readers will talk about for years. C. Golden, J. Moore, C. Priest, G. Raisor, S. Kearney, L.Martindale, A. J. Hartley; Sun 2:30 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Characters Actors Want to Be
Actors discuss the characters they’ve played in films and tv series and their ideal roles. Will advise writers how to catch the actor’s interest. M. Singer, S.Smith, K. LeBrock, E. Furlong, C. Bruno, T Gowell (M); Sun 4:00 pm; Intl. S [H]

Ingredients for great fiction
A little sugar, a little spice? A surprising plot, a great cast of characters, intriguing settings blend into great fiction. N. Knight, G. Watkins, J. Wurts, A. Sowards, M. Resnick, C. Eddy, S. M. Stirling, D. Gabaldon; Sun 5:30 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

So You Wanna be a Screenwriter
From developing/writing a script to marketing. The how-to and how-not-to guide to movie and tv writing. M. Green, L. Kaufman, N. Knight, B. Linaweaver, C.Pedraza, F. Conniff, J. Helfers, M. Gero, M Estes (M); Sun 7:00 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

In the Beginning: What you need to know
So you want to write a novel. Where do you start? What are your first steps? Learn from the pros. J. Ringo, S. Chastain, N. Knight, J. Sherman, J. St. Giles, J. Helfers, D. Knight; Sun 8:30 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Marketing Yourself
Finding effective ways of expanding your fanbase. C. Burke, J. Oliver, J. Sherman, P. Stevens, C. Douglas, C. Green; Sun 10:00 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]


Dark Fantasy—Really Dark or Humorous?
Panel will discuss how to make your fantasy stand out above the rest that land on an editor’s desk. IS it dark enough? How about a bit of humor? D. Dixon, E. Donald, P. Nutman, P. Stevens, L. Martindale; Mon 10:00 am; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Joining a Writer’s Group
Whether it’s a national organization like SFWA, RWA,or HWA or a local group... What’s in it for you? A. Crispin, J. Moore, G. Raisor, M. Resnick, G. Summers, C. L.Wilson, M. Kowal, D. Knight; Mon 11:30am; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Got a question? This is a question and answer panel that will address questions from the audience. S. Chastain, D. Dixon, J. Moore, C. Douglas, J. St. Giles, D. Gabaldon; Mon 1:00 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Staying Sane in the Insane World of Publishing
We hear the voices in our heads—and write down what they say. But, in reality, how do pros maintain a semblance of normalcy? K. David, N. Knight, G.Martin, J. St. Giles, K. Duey; Mon 2:30 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

The Future of Fantastic Fiction
This panel explores markets with wellestablished authors making suggestions for audience members. G. Hayes, A. Martin, E. Moon, J. St. Giles, D. Gabaldon; Mon 4:00 pm; Manila/Singapore