Saturday, September 7, 2013

AC Crispin, science fiction author and warrior against scammers dies at age 63.

I was in Ann Crispin's first class at Dragoncon. She told me my writing had style and I wrote child characters better than adult. Since I'm now writing for kids, obviously she had a great deal of influence over me.

AC was more than just a writer and a teacher. She was also an advocate in the fight against fraudists. People who scam writers out of money and heart. She was part of Writer Beware.

She is also one of my mentors. I'll always be grateful to AC.


  1. Glad you gained so much by your contact with AC Crispin. A nice tribute for her that you shared how influential she was.

    1. Thanks. I'm sorry it took so long to answer. Blogger didn't notify me of your comment.