Sunday, March 6, 2011

Write, Write, Rewrite. Again. Write, Write, Rewrite, Scream, Rewrite.

Can I tell you that the hardest part of writing is-- okay the hardest part of writing is all of it. You think you've got it perfect up there in your head. It flows from the right side to the left and tinkles like the sweetest, cleanest water ever. So you sit down to let it flow onto paper and bam! POLLUTION, sludge, lumps and bumps. Where did the clean go?

So you rewrite. And have people read it. And rewrite it some more. It's very important to have Beta Readers. I have some very good Beta Readers. Especially one. Julie Gonzalez. This is her Blog. 

She is tireless in her quest to ferret out what needs to be changed and gives amazing advice. Since she has three books of her own, I am lucky to have her as a friend. Thanks Julie. I appreciate you.
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  1. Thanks for the nice words, Laura. You are also a big help to me.

  2. I hope so. As you can tell, I am working on your latest suggestions. Work, work, work. :)