Sunday, March 6, 2011


Now everyone knows how much Gnomie and I love this guy. And if you don't, well, Gnomie and I love this guy. He's riding in one of the SuperKrewes Endymion as one of a few Grand Marshals.So Cool.

So he got rained out on Saturday and stayed over to ride on Sunday. They all did. Nice people. Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Pat Benatar, and Train are Grand Marshals too.


  1. Quite a group. Did you and Gnomie go? I like Pat Benatar. Brings back shades of the eighties!
    Did she 'hit you with her best shot?'

  2. Gnomie went alone. He's good at crashing the balls. I stayed home to work. Too much traffic out there.

    I have never gone to Endymion's ball where the stars perform and sign autographs. I've been to Bacchus and Orpheus who both allow nonriders to go. Orpheus is the best.

    I like both Pat Benatar and Train. I wouldn't have minded seeing them but it's not an open ball and seeing them on the float is hit or miss. If they bend down to get some more beads, sometimes, whoosh, they have passed by.

  3. LOL! That would be my luck . . . I'd wait all day and miss it!