Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well Gnomie has escaped his time out. Witnesses report he was sprung by a character from Julie Gonzalez's story Imaginary Enemy. That's right, the gothosaur, Spike. The Guilty Gothosaur in Question.

 Imaginary Enemy

I am shocked and dismayed by this collusion among characters and wonder STRONGLY if Julie Gonzalez herself had something to do with this seeing as she is the President of the Free Gnomie Society. Since the Gothosaur was crafty enough to leave no fingerprints, er, hoofprints, er, gothosaur prints behind, I guess there is no proof. However, this matter is not closed.


  1. The Free Gnomie Society is deeply offended by your accusations against its president. You admit you have no evidence-yet you cast aspersions on their reverd leader. Shame on you.

    The Soceity is, however, relieved that Gnomie is no longed caged like a criminal and is tasting liberty.

  2. Hm. My suspicions continue but in the spirit of the joy that is the capped well, Gnomie is given immunity and my return with no fear of imprisonment. Tell him that when he a Spike come in tonight. K?

  3. What makes you think they are coming in tonight? Or any night forthat matter?

  4. Characters gone wild, eh? Well it should be quiet around here for a change without him. I think I can handle that.