Thursday, July 15, 2010

All is Forgiven Gnomie. You May Return.

Imaginary EnemyRicochetSpike has contacted me and apparently Gnomie has run away from home. Spike is lucky I think he's such a cool character. Gnomie's sentence has been commuted due to my joy at the Deepwater Horizon getting capped. If he chooses to stay at Spike's place, there's not a lot I can do about it. Those who wish to discuss this and other issues with Spike the Gothosaur can reach him here. Spike's Email.


  1. You are like the dictatorial ruler of some Medieval kingdom--you're 'justice' is based not on law or morality, but on whatever external events are occurring and how you feel about them. (you commuted Gnomie's sentence because BP finally got it right--or so we hope). So if the cap turns out to be ineffective, will Gnomie's reprieve but rescinded?

  2. Durn tooting. Course I've gotta find him first. He better hope that cap holds. I know I do.