Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drew Brees is Out Signing His Books

Coming Back Stronger: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Adversity
Drew Brees, King of 2010 Bacchus, King of Lombardi Gras, winner of 4 Espy awards, cover boy for Madden 11, gluten insensitive, and quarterback for the World Champion New Orleans Saints, has written a book.

Gnomie and the cat have stopped off in their search to get him to autograph us a copy.  Here are some upcoming dates and places

Or you can click on his book up there, and get one from Amazon.


  1. Gnomie appears to be going places. As to Xena, her spying tactics must be working because it looks as if Gnomie is unaware of her presence. Tell Gnomie to stop at the Zapps factory for some Voodoo Gumbo chips.

  2. Xena and Gnomie are tres close. She sharpens her claws on his beard and he sleeps on her soft, warm tummy. Gnomie has tried your favorite Zapps chips and has announced they are delish. I am certain the Zapps factory is one of the places where Gnomie will search for the plumber.

  3. Does the plumber like Zapps, too? Is that a hint as to his whereabouts?

  4. Everyone loves Zapps so I'm sure the plumber's a fan. Whether he's there or not, I'm not.