Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Round Table Luncheon at The Royal Sonesta.

My great friend Cheryl Mathis showed up unexpectedly at the luncheon and took pictures of the event for me. Yes, there was booze. Yes, I did drink it.

Picture one is the Speaker table. I was to be speaker one. You can see by my face I am thrilled.  

 Picture two I am letting the room know I'm new at this talking on a mic thing. You can see Margarita Bergen, our hostess and the creator of the Round Table Events getting up to teach me. 

 Picture three. She's teaching. I'm laughing. 

 Picture four I seem to be doing it right because she's sitting down. 

Picture five, All of the speaker/performers author Nathanial Rich (Odds Against Tomorrow) and his plus one, author Michael Moffitt (Grandad's Dictionary), the divine Becky Allen, the piano player Vatican Lokey, a singer who was a surprise guest whose name escapes me, author me (Hurricane Boy), author Angela Carll (Where Writers Wrote in New Orleans) and Margarita Bergen.

Picture six and seven Becky Allen sings and Margarita Bergen joins her.

Picture eight Jim Walpole playing the piano.

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