Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wanna Book Doctor? Have I Got the Woman For You.

SCBWI New Orleans had a VC conference. (VC stands for Very Cool, natch) The two professionals we had dispensing the words of wisdom included this lady. Catherine Frank. Ex-Executive Editor with Viking Press. Yes, THE Viking Press. She's here, folks. In New Orleans. Doing the editor/mentor/book doctor thing. Just got a taste of her talents and they are very, very good.

1. She's honest. Painfully. That is gold in this business people. In any business. There are those who will lead you on. Encourage you to hope when there is no hope. To keep working when there is no point.

2. She knows her stuff. She spent 12 years in New York publishing in one of the top publishing companies in the country. She's worth consideration of being able to help you. Or put you out of your misery. At least on your pet project of the moment.

3. She's pleasant. I'd rather work with brutally honest pleasantness than lying and conniving charm.

4. She's an effective and sharp speaker. Get her for your conventions now, folks. She's gonna get booked up FAST.

This is her website: Edited By Catherine

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