Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Crystal Kite presentation.

The Crystal Kite presentation. This is the Kite on my knickknack rack in my house. It's a beautiful award.
To the right is Cheryl Mathis reading from my book. She put together this party and what a terrific job she did. Greatly appreciated. Most of these pictures were taken by Gary Alipio and Jeanie Blake.

 Sue Houston and Karen Hollingsworth

 The always supportive and hilarious Gary Alipio.
 Virginia Howard documents the gathering.
 Cheryl Mathis.
Karen Hollingsworth and Carrel Mueller
On the left: Me summoning the muse. No, just talking. With my hands as usual. Gotta stop doing that.

On the right: Virginia Howard.
On the left: Dianne de las Casas who gave the Picture Book training before the ceremony helping us party.

Gave away two books at the ceremony. This lady was a winner. As soon as I get her name, I'll put it here.


On the left: Patsy Mcdonnel and Pat Hefler being champagne supportive. Note Patsy's fist under my chin.

On the right: As you can see, Patsy and I have a fractious relationship.

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  1. Lovely day. Tasty bubbly. I'm now a fan of Cupcake Prosecco Champagne – thanks Laura and Dianne.