Saturday, May 17, 2014

Signings! We've got Signings! We've got lots and lots of signings!

SCBWI REPRESENTS! My friends and fellow writers who helped me polish this book arrived at Maple Street for the Launch!

My First school visit. Jane Soslow's class at Delgado Community College! They were very patient with me.

Phina Schloegel helps me learn to sell books by coaxing people over at Barnes and Noble Mandeville!

Laurie Allen does the same thing for me at Metairie Barnes and Noble. Laurie spent 2 hours coaxing people over for me.  

My SIGNIN' HAT that I made to grab attention.
RIVER OAKS COWORKERS REPRESENT!! Marian and Mel and a stack of others from work at Maple Street Launch.

More SCBWI Gary Alipio.

More coworkers Diane Quartano.

And Bobbie Traylor from work as well.

Colette Stelly, SCBWI and the author of Henriette Delille: Rebellious Saint.

 Jeanie Blake, Times Picayune ace reporter!

Gary Alipio and better half. So cute!!

 Actor, Director, Photographer, Writer, Producer and all around terrific guy Hunter McGregor at Maple Street and member of Realms of Fiction critique group.

Teena Myers also from Realms at the Book Launch!

Keith Lee DA MAYOR! and coworker helping out at Barnes and Noble.

Casey and Marvin! Friends, Coworkers, Countrymen!

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