Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Survived Dragoncon: And Loved It.

Dragoncon has grown a bit since last I saw it. When I last went, the convention had just expanded into two hotels. Now it takes up five. And it's still too crowded, especially on Saturday when all the one day people come in. Next year I guess every hotel in Atlanta will be hosting.

They need to go into the Convention Center but no one is asking for my opinion so I guess they won't. Anyway this year they were in the Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton, Marriot, and a little bit in the Westin. Sheesh.

I went with Julie Gonzalez. The Writer's Track was very good although we didn't get to do as much as I'd like because the shuttles weren't running like they used to. Instead of every 20 minutes, it was only twice a day. Julie figured out to take the Hilton shuttle to the airport and then take the MARTA to the convention. That worked like a charm and we found others had discovered that too.

Of course the best thing was the costumes as it is every year. If you go to Julie's Blog you can see some. She's putting up a few at a time. You can see others at the Dragoncon site. Currently the 2009 pics are up but soon the 2010 ones will be posted. I need to get camera-trained and take some of my own next year.

You will see a lot of Steampunk which has made a resurgence. They have a very cool look and dress up in all sorts of leather, brass, long coats and antique goggles and eyepieces like the gentleman in the first picture on Julie's Blog.

The second best thing was the lecture on Goals, Motivation, and Conflict (see the next blog post on Debra Dixon) lecture. I'm tired, but very glad I went. I will go again, maybe next year. Maybe I'll see you there.