Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ray Nagin. Mayor of New Orleans and Mixed Blessing Extraordinaire.

This is a re-play of one of Ray's more impressive moments. He's talking to Garland Robinette a New Orleans Icon, ex News Anchor and Current Radio Show Host. Ray's "shoot from the lip" style often got him in trouble as displayed when he gave his infamous "Chocolate City" speech. But what made Ray a difficult mayor to love wasn't his verbal gaffes or his tendency to speak out of one side of his mouth to one group and the other side of his mouth to another, it was his on again/off again tendency to show up for work. On the above day, he showed up. There were many others, especially in his second term, when he didn't.

Here's Ray admitting he didn't do it all the right way. It also includes his Chocolate City speech.

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