Friday, July 30, 2010

Katrina Archives on the Web

In continued observance of the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, there are several very good Katrina Archives on the Internet. The best (to me) is the archive on the Times Picayune site

But there are more including a brand new one put up by St. Tammany parish. St. Tammany is right above New Orleans, across Lake Pontchartrain.

There's the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank which has several locations.

There are photo archives. IP Unclassified Katrina pics and Katrina Destruction.

And story archives Oral Histories Harvard. Browse and learn.


  1. Awefully sad. It's hard to view the pictures, especially as the Gulf Coast is again struggling to survive a disaster--this one much more painful, I think, because it could so easily have been avoided.

  2. Yup. Many of these archives were used by me while I wrote Hurricane Boy, to make sure I was being accurate. It was hard to watch then and it's hard to see oil on the beaches in Pensacola today.

  3. Not just Pensacola--communities from South Louisiana to Florida are suffering. The cultural, social, economic and environmental impacts of this will affect us for a long time--decades, or actually, eternity, as species and lifestyles are lost forever. Think about Venice, and what it will be in 6 months, a year, five years. People leave, but will they come back? And even if they do, will what was lost return?

  4. Venice breaks my heart as do all of the other wonderful places, people, and livlihoods that are being destroyed today. I can't imagine tomorrow let alone five years from now. I keep hoping that it will all go away.

  5. Put your pajamas on, you're dreaming! Sorry, but there is still alot of oil and Corexit 9500 out there--this will leave it's fingerprints long after BP has packed up and moved on.

  6. Yep. I am. But I'm not the only one. All over the news those reporters of "truth" are saying the oil is magically disappearing. Apparently the people actually around the Gulf can still see it.